Glow in the Dark - Fidget Spinner

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SKU: GID2560
The guys will love these with their incredibly smooth movement and their ability to glow in the dark.

The kids can do lots of tricks with these Fidget Spinners - and are sure to teach DAD a trick or two. 

This particular design 'Glows in the Dark' - which is super-cool!

There are plenty of tricks to learn on YouTube – but it is important to remember that these are for kids 6 years and above – due to their small parts being a choking hazard. 

Comes smartly packaged in a window-view box – with high-performance central bearings – sure to impress the kids and parents alike. 

Weighs a mighty 61gm along with smooth-spinning operation - which adds up to quality - unexpected at our prices!

No batteries are required – as these are charged by light.

Fidget spinners are claimed to be wonderful for stress relief and are a snazzy upgrade from the stress balls that students with attention concerns are encouraged to use to stay on track.

Come assorted in a great range of colours including green, blue, coral & light purple.