Quality Grandad Pen

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SKU: QGP5296
Grandad will Treasure this Pen... especially as it is personalised for him this Father's Day! We promise he will adore this pen for the rest of his days and fondly remember the wonderful gift-giving time when he received it from his gorgeous grandchildren. (Click on the image to expand the graphic - to get a closer view)

For those Grandads that have never owned a Montblanc pen – this comes pretty darn close!

Quality at a fabulous price!

With Grandad elegantly printed on the side - it will be super-special every time he uses it.

Weighs a mighty 33gm (a standard BIC pen weighs in at 5gm). 

Super-comfy to write with, in black ink – so may be used to execute the most important documents.  

Measures 13.75cm in length.

All Pops will be proud to use this pen.