Step Counter Pedometer
Step Counter Pedometer
Step Counter Pedometer
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A perfect excuse to increase Dad’s activity, well-being and general attitude to health... if he is not focused already. This step counter may also encourage the kids to be more active too... as they will enjoy the novelty of this little machine counting their steps - that is, if Dad is prepared to share!!!

We can all get healthier with this Affordable Gadget!

Research has found that wearing a step counter has the effect of increasing your daily activity by 2000 steps – For most of us, that means we are raising our activity by over 25% (Stanford University). 

And that has to be a Good Thing!

What is wonderful about this gift is its’ simplicity and SUPER-CHEAP price.

Everyone can afford one of these. 

Clip it to your belt or pop it in your pocket and off you go! 

Comes individually packaged in a cardboard carton measuring  5 x 4 x 2.5cm.  

Request a complimentary Organza Bag if purchasing 50 units or more - so perfectly ready for gift-giving!