Light Up Glasses

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Whatever nocturnal activities Dad is into... these light-up glasses will be a hit. Whether it is fishing at dusk - needing to re-do his tackle, setting up camp after dark or or reading in bed while drifting off to sleep - these glasses are indispensable.

My Husband is a Huge Fan of These!

These Light-up Glasses are sure to be right up every Dad's alley when the lights are low and the pressure is on!   And we challenge you to find them cheaper elsewhere!

These wonderful hands-free lights are perfect for those tricky intricate handyman jobs - where you need an extra pair of hands or are confined to a compact space.

No need for prescription glasses as these have some magnification to help with those tangled, intricate tasks. 

And if Dad has perfect 20:20 vision he can simply pop out the lenses and still enjoy the light-up function.